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Linguini Costume for Adults

If you love fine French cuisine and want to show off your appreciation of fine dining, impress other party goers by donning your very own Linguini costume from the Pixar Disney film Ratatouille. Pictured here is Linguini, who is a human who just wants to impress another chef but adopts a rat to be his teacher. The costume is so easy you may not even want to go to a costume store to get it. Instead, uniform supplies shops have these and the best part is they will be 100% realistic. Throw in that Disney twist by getting your own master chef rat by stitching a plush Remy doll to your shoulder. A spatula makes an easy prop for adults to finish off their Linguini costumes.

Linguini Costume for Adults
Linguini Costume for Adults
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As Seen in Ratatouille
Updated on Feb 11, 2017

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