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Disney Robin Hood Costume

Save the day in a Disney Robin Hood costume! Now your boy can feel heroic by dressing up as Robin Hood. And if he doesn’t know who Robin Hood is, please educate him. The good ol’ classic Disney Robin Hood film is everyone’s favorite. You remember how the foxy Robin Hood would steal back from the wretched Prince John to save the day and the people of Nottingham. Don’t worry, your boy doesn’t have to dress up as a fox to be Robin Hood. He just needs a pointed hat with a feather stuck on it for a good Robin Hood costume. Don’t forget the dark green/brown camouflage shirt with long matching pants. Finish off the Robin Hood costume with a thick black belt and a pair of rugged brown boots. You can also get some toy bow and arrows too to complete the look. And that’s all to it for your Disney Robin Hood costume. Or you can also check out a pre-assembled boy’s Robin Hood suit all prepared for ya!

Disney Robin Hood Costume
Disney Robin Hood Costume
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As Seen in Robin Hood
Updated on Sep 9, 2017

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