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Roger Rabbit Costume for Ladies

If you’re tired of Jessica Rabbit being the only female character you can dress up as from Who Framed Roger Rabbit just take one glance at this clever Roger Rabbit costume for women and you can easily see you’re only limited by your imagination. This costume is easily put together with clothing you may already own yourself. Let’s start with the white long sleeve shirt underlayer worn beneath red overalls with shorts. You’re a lady after all so there’s no harm in making the Roger Rabbit costume a little more fun. This female Roger Rabbit costumer-goer then adds yellow work gloves paired with a huge blue bow with yellow dots, something you can easily buy and make yourself. The final part of the costume goes into the “mask” which is really just a hood with long white rabbit ears. You could also do the same for the feet/shoes or just wear white sneakers to complete the Roger Rabbit ladies costume look.

Roger Rabbit Costume for Ladies
Roger Rabbit Costume for Ladies
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As Seen in Roger Rabbit
Updated on Sep 16, 2017

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