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Sexy Jessica Rabbit Costume

Jessica Rabbit from the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie has been a model of the ultimate cartoon sex symbol since the film was released in 1988. For over twenty years Jessica Rabbit has been a sultry scintillating character that has yet to be rivaled in cartoons since. Whether it was her lusty voice, busty curves, or coy demeanor, mentioning Jessica Rabbit was sure to trigger the strong impressions she left as a cartoon character in the movie. That’s how powerful this sexy Jessica Rabbit costume can be. It’s been long enough that most people know who she is and the kids that used to idolize her are now all grown up. It’s a perfect blend of retro-originality and sexiness that is still edge even by today’s standards. To start off, you’ll need an excellent long hair red wig. After that the next piece is a sequin red dress with a long slit so you can show off your legs. Jessica also had heavy purple eye makeup and usually only one eye showing. Be sure to bust out your brightest red lipstick too as you’ll need it to match the rest of your wardrobe. This costume is sans the purple hand gloves that she is usually seen wearing, but still pulls off the look amazingly well.

Sexy Jessica Rabbit Costume
Sexy Jessica Rabbit Costume
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As Seen in Roger Rabbit
Updated on Aug 27, 2017

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