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Sexy Costume Ideas

Let’s face it, ever since you turned into an adult Halloween has been your chance to cast off your inhibitions and show off a bit of your sexy side.

While you still want to play the “dress up” part of the game, your criteria is no longer simply a costume choice of some character that you idolized as a child. Nowadays it has to be something special, something that will stand out, something… sexy. After all, you’re going through so much effort to dress the part and you only get one chance out of the entire year to really go wild, why not make it count right? Plus if you’ve been hiding a great figure in frumpy clothing all year long, you can let the world know how in shape you truly are. Impress your friends. Cast off your inhibitions. Embrace your sexy side. It’s time to celebrate Halloween!

In that spirit we present to you the sexiest Halloween costume ideas that we’ve ever seen in our four year history of presenting costume ideas to you. Of the 800 costumes featured on our site, we’ve narrowed down this list to just a select few. These costumes are sure to impress just as much as they are sexy. Be prepared for lots of attention. Lots.

sexy evil queen costumeEvil Queen from Snow White

Don’t let Snow White get the best of you! Before her time, the Queen was the fairest in the land. Make sure to keep it that way by showing up and representing the evil side. Cast as one of the numerous Disney Villains, it’s time to let people know that bad guys can be sexy too.

sexy cinderellaCinderella

On the other spectrum of things, Cinderella has been a glimmering member of the Disney Princesses lineup with her hard work ethic and non-complaining attitude. With humble beginnings that could not tarnish her beauty, she eventually married the prince of the entire land. Now take wholesome image and turn it upside down. While this Cinderella costume is actually quite elegant, it sports a naughty amount of cleavage up top. That’s all it takes with this costume. Sometimes, it’s just that easy!

sexy princess jasminePrincess Jasmine Slave Girl

Though only in this form for a short time, Princess Jasmine was made a slave to Jafar briefly when he tried to take over Agrabah. Now if you ask us, Jafar has some pretty awesome taste because enslaving Princess Jasmine was completely a spell of his doing so he must have given some thought into how he wanted her slave outfit to look. It’s a can’t-miss fire red and shows off a lot of midriff and skin… not that the normal Princess Jasmine costume doesn’t. While sexy Jasmine costumes abound, surely there won’t be as many sexy slave Jasmines running around the party? Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of a sexy slave who must do your bidding?

sexy little mermaidThe Little Mermaid

As many men who grew up with a crush on Ariel when they were kids will attest to, the Little Mermaid is the stuff of dreams! She’s got big eyes, perfect hair, and swims around in a clam shell bikini all day. What’s not to like? Why not be that fantasy come true? This sexy Ariel costume is gorgeous and tasteful, but there’s no denying her sex appeal.

sexy wonder womanWonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a role model of power and strength for many girls with abilities that rival that of Superman. Though she has a tough exterior, she also sports a hot bod and she is the perfect platform to work a little sexy into. You can see it’s easily done with this revealing costume featuring a low cut top and basically what amounts to a superhero thong. With some cute boots this sexy Wonder Woman is the perfect package of what is possible with a little creativity.

sexy wonder womanSuperwoman

While we’re on the subject of costumed heroines, let’s take the opportunity to feature another high-powered female: Superwoman. She is similar in dress to Superman except she gets to wear a sexy skirt. There are lots of way to make Superwoman into a sexy costume for your Halloween. This particular costume is pretty toned down and it’s still sexy as hell.

sexy puss in bootsPuss in Boots

Who knew a diminutive cat from the Shrek movies, who is a male character for crying out loud, could be so darn sexy? This costume has it all, lots of skin, a bare midriff, a hot body, and weapons. Plus the animal fur just makes the costume that much more primal and animalistic… causing an irresistible urge to cozy up next to it.

sexy april o'neilApril O’Neil

Anyone who watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles always had a soft spot for the intrepid reporter April O’Neil. Always clad in yellow, she stood out in the crowd. And with her tight fitting clothing, it’s the perfect opportunity get sexy with. You kind of always knew April hid a big surprise under that jumpsuit.

sexy zapp branniganZapp Brannigan

We’ve been covering ladies’ costume but who said guys couldn’t be sexy too? Without any doubt as to his overtly heterosexual personality, Zapp Brannigan from Futurama dresses in a way that would suggest otherwise. This costume features a short “skirt” and is very revealing on the legs, which Zapp liked to show off. Show off how confident and masculine you are too like Zapp and see if you can pull this costume off. The ladies will definitely be swooning like Leila did.

sexy lionel thundercatsThundercats Lionel

Since we covered TMNT, it wouldn’t be fair to miss out on the Thundercats, another popular cartoon show during the same period. Thundercats featured the fearless leader Lionel pictured here who was powerful with cat-like strength, and we’re not talking the household variety. Lionel was toned like a muscular cheetah would be, one that could chase down and rip a gazelle to shreds. In that regard, this sexy Lionel costume wins our pick of sexiest choice for men. However, this costume, like Zapp’s, requires a lot of guts but look at it this way, guys: if the girls have to go through it, you can too! Besides, you can’t let them have all the fun!

And with that we conclude our editor’s picks of the sexiest costumes for both women and men available in our four year history of covering Halloween costume ideas. We hope you’ll find some inspiration among this amazing selection of costumes and blow away your friends with the results.