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Johnny 5 Short Circuit Costume

One of the most interesting movies to come out of the 80s is the idea of robot number 5 here who is short circuited and as a result becomes a self-conscious life form, even though he is a machine. While we may have loved the lovable robot with bad human mannerisms, we’ve never seen anyone attempt a Johnny 5 costume… until now. This is an impressive throwback to the movie which was so successful it even spawned a sequel. The robot costume, if you look closely, has a human hidden cleverly inside. The robotic fingers are actually just extension from a human hand painted silver to match the machine. The front control panel of Johnny 5 shows the same message as it does from the movie, that it has malfunctioned and needs input, with a red on/off button. He is wearing a red bandanna as an attempt to look more human so you can throw that in for fun. The rest of the body panels are constructed from painted cardboard decorated with circuit boards and wires. He even has his laser weapon slung over his shoulder visible. This Short Circuit costume is definitely a cool “robot” styled dress up idea if you are tired of going the Transformers route.

Johnny 5 Short Circuit Costume
Johnny 5 Short Circuit Costume
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As Seen in Short Circuit
Updated on Sep 2, 2017

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