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Sexy Puss in Boots Costume

Even though Puss in Boots is voiced by Antonio Banderas in the Shrek movies, he lends himself quite nicely as you can see as a sexy female costume if done with the right touches as seen here. Puss in Boots is definitely recognizable as he even earned himself enough star power to star in his own movie. Not even Donkey can say that! This sexy Puss in Boots costume just hints at the cat-like features enough while still being quite sexy and revealing. As with any sexy costume, showing just enough skin is key. Here this costumer-goer probably bought a cat costume set which included a furry skirt, top, and wristbands. To make it Puss, you’ll have to make sure to wear his boots as they are important to his character (after all he is named Puss in Boots). Get a hold of a black hat like the musketeers would wear and fashion it with a large yellow feather. Bring a long fencing sword like Puss carries around and you can even go so far as the add whiskers on your face to complete the sexy Puss in Boots costume.

Sexy Puss in Boots Costume
Sexy Puss in Boots Costume
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As Seen in Shrek
Updated on Aug 4, 2017

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