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Briar Rose Costume

While we often remember Briar Rose in her beautiful pink/blue/green gown at the end of Sleeping Beauty when she dances with Prince Phillip, she used to be more modestly dressed until the day of her 16th birthday when she lived in a quiet, secluded cottage in the woods. This Briar Rose costume is still very royal looking even if she is disguised as a peasant. She starts with a drab gray colored skirt and cotton long sleeve shirt so as not to stand out too much if seen. Her black corset is beautiful with lots of sparkly gems but you can seek a more modest version without the glimmer. Wrap a dark purple shawl around yourself and the lower portion of your Briar Rose costume is complete. The top will require a Sleeping Beauty wig as her hair has bangs that are curled into circles on the forehead, giving her a unique look. Then add in a simple black headband (optionally bedazzled). While the costume is simple in appearance, Briar Rose is simply too stunning to be held back by her costume.

Briar Rose Costume
Briar Rose Costume
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As Seen in Sleeping Beauty
Updated on Sep 19, 2017

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  • Jarah

    I’m confused! Can I buy this outfit here? Why would there just be a posted picture of a “could be” costume?…

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