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Naughty Princess Aurora Costume

Upon a cursory glance this Aurora costume looks very much like any other Disney princess with the perfect hair, crown, and flawless face. However, that’s where the good-girl Disney image disappears and morphs into something much more naughty! The definitely feature of Princess Aurora’s costume is perhaps the white inverted shoulder sleeves and pink color scheme. However, the costume soon turns into a low V-cut corset stopping early and showing off a bit of midriff. From the back it looks like the Aurora costume is just using a regular gown but when you get a glance from the front there is beautiful lacy white underwear and long pink stockings which make help turn this ordinary costume naughty.

Naughty Princess Aurora Costume
Naughty Princess Aurora Costume
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As Seen in Sleeping Beauty
Updated on Oct 1, 2017

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