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Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy Godmother Fauna Costume

Not everyone has Sleeping Beauty’s 16-year-old figure, so if you’re at “that” age yet still young at heart, why not opt for one of her doting fairy godmother costumes? Fauna to be exact, she’s the green one and voice of reason of the three, the other two fairy godmothers being of course Flora and Merriweather who seem always to be at odds with each other. You could actually go for any of the fairy godmother costumes here easily simply be choosing the right color: pink, green, or blue.

sleeping beauty fairy godmother fauna costume
sleeping beauty fairy godmother fauna costume
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As Seen in Sleeping Beauty
Updated on Sep 26, 2015

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  • vaert

    Bilang aja mau jadiin aku jd model celana dalem kalian :)) RT Iyayah pi beda yang ikutan model audisi flora dan fauna mah=)))RT

  • Jordan Zion

    Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Godmother Fauna Costume

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