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Sexy Chun-Li Costume
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Snow White Costume Ideas

Sexy Evil Queen Costume

Surprise people with a sinister Snow White character who is usually the object of revile rather than attention with this sexily executed costume. Though the Evil Queen is portrayed as haughty and vain, she does hold the title as the most beautiful in the land... → Read More

As Seen in Snow White

Short Skirt Snow White Costume

Not only does this short skirt Snow White costume allow you to move around all you want, but also looks cute on anyone who puts it on! This costume is recognizable and perfect for those of you with paler skin. You can dye your hair... → Read More

As Seen in Snow White

Snow White Sleepy Costume

Want an original Snow White costume? Go with the less ubiquitous dwarf Sleepy. Don't go in a Dopey costume or Grumpy costume; they just get too much attention and are way overdone. Dressing up as Sleepy is so easy. All you really need to do... → Read More

As Seen in Snow White

Snow White Dopey Costume

You can easily replicate the Snow White Dopey costume by not speaking at all for starters. And the rest of the Disney Dopey costume isn't too hard either. The most distinguished feature of the Dopey dwarf is his big ears. So just find a pair... → Read More

As Seen in Snow White

Snow White’s Grumpy Disney Costume

It doesn't matter if you're grumpy in real life or not to be the Grumpy dwarf from Disney's Snow White. What you need for the perfect Disney costume are a white, long and fuzzy beard, a droopy hat, a big and round distinctive nose, and... → Read More

As Seen in Snow White

Snow White’s “The Queen” Disney Costume

"The Queen," as this Disney cast member was signing autographs, shows off a great queenly expression as well as exemplifies the makeup that must go into her costume. Dark elongated thin eyebrows, exaggerated dark eye shadow, and cherry red lipstick pull off that jealous look... → Read More

As Seen in Snow White