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Sexy Evil Queen Costume

Surprise people with a sinister Snow White character who is usually the object of revile rather than attention with this sexily executed costume. Though the Evil Queen is portrayed as haughty and vain, she does hold the title as the most beautiful in the land according to her talking mirror. That is, until Snow White grows up. But before that time, the Evil Queen is actually quite a beautiful woman and usually her wardrobe does not do her any justice. This sexy edition of the Evil Queen costume is the perfect example of how to surprise people with an unexpected twist on a traditional costume. You will be able to be a queen (what woman wouldn’t like that) and walk around with a look of disgust for the common folk around you. The queen’s crown is her defining feature and easy to reconstruct from cardboard. The high collar is another of the queen’s costume’s unique points and should cover the entire neck. The rest of this outfit is just a sexy black dress with high side slits. Wear matching black heels to really add the sex appeal to the costume. Finally, a gold locket with matching gold waist belt will pull the costume together with the crown. You can add that hint of purple with arm sleeves as pictured here. Watch out Snow White because Evil Queen is here to steal the show!

Sexy Evil Queen Costume
Sexy Evil Queen Costume
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As Seen in Snow White
Updated on Aug 22, 2017

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