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Snow White Dopey Costume

You can easily replicate the Snow White Dopey costume by not speaking at all for starters. And the rest of the Disney Dopey costume isn’t too hard either. The most distinguished feature of the Dopey dwarf is his big ears. So just find a pair of large plastic ears and wear them. You should be glad you chose the Dopey costume because he is the only dwarf who doesn’t have a beard, so you don’t need any fake beard at all. To complete the Snow White Dopey costume, find a green long sleeve shirt that goes down and covers your knees. You’re dressing up as a dwarf, remember? Wear a pair of brown or khaki pants and put a belt over the shirt. Get a pair a pointed-toe shoes and a soft knit hat as well. Lastly, dance silly and act mute in your new Snow White Dopey costume!

Snow White Dopey Costume
Snow White Dopey Costume
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As Seen in Snow White
Updated on Sep 10, 2017

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  • quis

    I have to say Dopey, he is cute and funny. What kid growing up wouldn't relate to him

  • avier

    You will find no character in any Disney work to represent, accurately, the True Christian Faith…. The Disney organization, from Disney himself, is against The True Church(The True Christian Faith)… you will find many of the man invented religions represented however… as they, and Disney, are about deceptions.

  • cubichel gam

    Batman Costume For Halloween | Amazing Videos: The funny masks are named Batman Dark Knight Dopey…

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