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Snow White Sleepy Costume

Want an original Snow White costume? Go with the less ubiquitous dwarf Sleepy. Don’t go in a Dopey costume or Grumpy costume; they just get too much attention and are way overdone. Dressing up as Sleepy is so easy. All you really need to do is act sleepy – the whole entire night. And put on some dark eye shadow on your eye lids and under your eyes to simulate the sleepy look. As one of Snow White’s seven dwarfs, you need to have a white beard as well for the Sleepy costume. Dress is not difficult at all – find a long-sleeve brown shirt that goes down to your knees and wear it over your long pants. Now don’t forget to yawn in your complete Snow White Sleepy costume!

Snow White Sleepy Costume
Snow White Sleepy Costume
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As Seen in Snow White
Updated on Sep 10, 2017

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