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Snow White’s Grumpy Disney Costume

It doesn’t matter if you’re grumpy in real life or not to be the Grumpy dwarf from Disney’s Snow White. What you need for the perfect Disney costume are a white, long and fuzzy beard, a droopy hat, a big and round distinctive nose, and a brass belt over your belly. You, as Grumpy, will actually enlighten everyone at your next Halloween party! Hi-ho!

Grumpy from Snow White Disney Costume
Grumpy from Snow White Disney Costume
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As Seen in Snow White
Updated on Sep 29, 2017

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  • harfielka

    On another costume fitting mission to Minto with Jo and Smil. Driving in the rain in peak hour makes Brydie a grumpy girl.

  • hutty

    Not sure of your age, but here it goes:
    Preppy: Cinderella–blonde hair is reason being for this
    Punky: A pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean
    Spooky: Someone from the Adams Family *snap snap*
    Funky: Alice, from Alice in Wonderland
    Grrr-y: If at all possible, Simba, from the Lion King
    Pop-stary: Ashley Tisdale chick from Highschool Musical, Sharpay? Blondie hair again.
    Sorry for my un-originality, but best of luck :) Happy (early) Halloween!

  • feilly hoegezell

    Woody from Toy Story
    Peter Pan
    Mr. Incredible or Frozone, from The Incredibles
    Mickey Mouse

  • Snow White's Grumpy Disney Costume

  • DNA
  • DNA

    @Janadeboeck @LoraSmets

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