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South Park Costume Ideas

South Park Halloween Costumes

Four South Park elementary students walk into a bar... no wait that's wrong... Oh it's a group of four 21+ guys who are dressed as the South Park characters sitting around enjoying a beer! That's how good these South Park Halloween costumes are in our... → Read More

As Seen in South Park

Butters Professor Chaos Costume

A lesser-known character from the South Park universe is Butters who morphs into his alter-ego Professor Chaos in the episode bearing his name of season 6. Because he isn't allowed to play along with Stan, Kyle, Cartman and fill Kenny's empty spot he becomes his... → Read More

As Seen in South Park

Terrance and Philip Couples Costume

If you love South Park and want to be something much more unique for Halloween this season consider this couples costume idea of the TV show within a TV show stars Terrance and Phillip. They are the source of a few laughs in South Park... → Read More

As Seen in South Park

South Park Anime Costumes

The kids from South Park, Colorado are up to no good in this reenactment of the epic episode "Good Times with Weapons" from season 8. In this one Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny each are taking up their anime ninja fighter personas and as the... → Read More

As Seen in South Park