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Butters Professor Chaos Costume

A lesser-known character from the South Park universe is Butters who morphs into his alter-ego Professor Chaos in the episode bearing his name of season 6. Because he isn’t allowed to play along with Stan, Kyle, Cartman and fill Kenny’s empty spot he becomes his own villain to cause mischief. As a result, you get this cutely adorable Professor Chaos costume a la Butters. The costume is really quite simple and it borrows largely from X-Men, in particular Professor X with the whole name and mask thing. In his alter ego, Butters performs chaotic misdeeds like switching soups and stealing erasers (cute). You can borrow that cuteness from the episode in your own Butters Professor Chaos costume. It starts with Butters, and a simple mask fashioned out of aluminum foil with a cape. Butters is always seen wearing a turquoise shirt and green pants like this photo reference here. The cape is a darker shade of green and you can use metallic colored oven mitts for the gloves. The key here is because Butters is just a kid with a big imagination his costume doesn’t and shouldn’t be too good or over-the-top. So a crappier job is actually preferable in your Halloween costume for once!

Butters Professor Chaos Costume
Butters Professor Chaos Costume
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As Seen in South Park
Updated on Oct 8, 2017

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