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Four South Park elementary students walk into a bar… no wait that’s wrong… Oh it’s a group of four 21+ guys who are dressed as the South Park characters sitting around enjoying a beer! That’s how good these South Park Halloween costumes are in our opinion. Plus, who wouldn’t do a double take when spotting your group while walking by? It’s jarring to see the four not-so-innocent kids sitting around at a bar, especially with costumes this good! You can see that these guys make no effort to cartoon-ize themselves in the way that many other South Park costumes try to do, especially with the masks or the eyes. Instead, these costumes are focused on getting the details nailed down perfectly, with real-life guys who are comfortable and just being themselves on Halloween night. Let’s start with Cartman’s costume on the left. He’s just wearing a red sweater with yellow gloves, but the real deal-sealer is the exact replica beanie bearing the blue with yellow stripe pattern. Next is Kenny who is wearing an orange hoodie pulled in as tightly as possible. Kyle wears an orange jacket with a green hunter’s cap with ear flaps or a Russian inspired Ushanka that perfectly captures what the cartoon Kyle wears on the TV show. And finally Stan’s costume isn’t that much different from Cartman’s except for the beanie again which is perfectly matched. It just goes to show here how a tiny little attention to detail can really turn your South Park costume into stuff of legend. Props to these four!

South Park Halloween Costumes
South Park Halloween Costumes
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As Seen in South Park
Updated on Oct 11, 2017

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