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Spider-Man Costume Ideas

Venom Costume

There is nothing scarier than seeing Spider-Man in an evil form and that is precisely what Venom represents. This costume is truly unique and terrifying at the same time with its clever design. We all know Venom's gaping white venomous jaws but the trouble with... → Read More

As Seen in Spider-Man

Kingpin Costume

If you want a simple costume and are a fan of the Spider-Man comic books, and if you've got the stature to boot, why not consider this awesome Kingpin costume as seen here choking himself a Spidey to death? The costume is easily made with... → Read More

As Seen in Spider-Man

The Lizard Spider Man Costume

As far as scary villains go, nothing is more scary than our own mother nature and this Lizard costume from the Spider Man comics is no exception with his disgustingly green and scaly skin as well as his yellow eyes and viciously sharp teeth. You... → Read More

As Seen in Spider-Man

Spiderman Scorpion Costume

If you want to dress up as Spiderman why not go as one of Peter Parker's many enemies: Scorpion! This Scorpion costume is magnificent compared to the lesser Marvel characters by his side. That's because the full suit green costume is easily spotted from miles... → Read More

As Seen in Spider-Man

Doc Ock Costume

Get your villain on from the original bad guy from the Spiderman movies Doc Ock! He was a villain with machine enhanced superpowers and as such sprouted four extra appendages with which to wreak havoc upon the world as shown here! This homemade costume starts... → Read More

As Seen in Spider-Man

Spiderman Face Painting Reference

Whether or not it's Halloween, there's no reason not to give out Spiderman face paintings to kids at a party. Spiderman is a hero to all boys and girls, and in this case a little girl proudly shows off her Spiderman face painting. It fairly... → Read More

As Seen in Spider-Man