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Black Spiderman Costume a Sure Hit

Remember when Spiderman’s costume was imbued with the black goo from outer space and Spiderman actually managed to turn colors as he got angrier and darker? Even Peter Parker’s hair was dyed darker for those scenes. If you didn’t remember that, well good! Because that’s what will give you the edge over all those regular Spiderman costume-goers at the party. Instead of the traditional red and blue garb, show that you watched the movies and remembered the venom-ized Spiderman with this black Spiderman costume, a sure hit and unique twist on the original. It exactly like the traditional costume, except it is black and white. It looks a heck of a lot cooler as a black Spiderman costume and you will still retain that recognition when people see you. Don’t forget to buy the black gloves and boot covers or you’ll look like a black Spiderman who got rushed out the door to save someone and forgot something in his room.

black spiderman costume
black spiderman costume
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As Seen in Spider-Man
Updated on Apr 24, 2017

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