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Venom Costume

There is nothing scarier than seeing Spider-Man in an evil form and that is precisely what Venom represents. This costume is truly unique and terrifying at the same time with its clever design. We all know Venom’s gaping white venomous jaws but the trouble with masks is the inability to capture that scariness. What you see here is an ingenious design which relies on some really good facial makeup skills. If you look carefully at Venom you can see the upper part of his mouth is actually the chin of this costumed man! And the jaw is basically a necklace if you will that is painted with sharp teeth with a long serpent tongue painted in. This is the kind of thinking that really makes a costume good, by overcoming obstacles. If you want to dress up as Venom this year, then take a page of this guy’s book and use his little trick to pull off Venom’s scary mouth properly. Don’t forget to close your eyes for pictures otherwise you’ll look silly!

Venom Costume
Venom Costume
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As Seen in Spider-Man
Updated on Oct 18, 2017

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