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Black Spy vs. Spy Costume

A cool and retro costume to consider is the classic Spy vs. Spy. We’re focusing on the black spy costume as it’s probably the easiest of the two to put together since most people will have black pants and top. This costume wearer is just wearing a pair of black slacks with a black shirt and black jacket. As you can see, very little effort is required to put together your own black Spy vs. Spy costume. The trick is in getting the hat and mask. Even though the hat isn’t quite the right shape, as long as you pick a fedora that has a black base with a white band then you should be fine. The mask is simply made with a little white cardboard paper, scissors, tape, and a marker. Just fold the paper into a cone shape and that’s really it! You can accessorize the costume as well with white gloves and some prop weapons, in this case a knife and a soda pop!

Black Spy vs. Spy Costume
Black Spy vs. Spy Costume
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As Seen in Spy vs. Spy
Updated on May 29, 2017

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