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Easy Spy vs Spy Costume

This black and white duo of espionage is no other than Spy vs. Spy, first made famous in the issues of Mad Magazine. If you are really in trouble and need to put together a quick and easy costume, then you may want to consider the Spy vs. Spy costume pictured here. As you can see, with very little effort, you can turn yourself into a mischievous deviant equipped with your own deadly weapons. The white spy is easier to analyze so we’ll look at him. You just need a matching white lab coat and white jeans. You can see here that the spy hats are home made. They are actually a type of fedora and with some construction paper you can fashion yourself one very similar quite easily. Finally, the funnest part is probably in the spy masks with the long bug-like faces. Again, construction paper will be helpful in this area, if not something even more sturdy like poster board. The black and white spy’s faces are the same regardless of which color you choose. A black marker to draw in the eyes and a sinister smile will finish this very easy Spy vs Spy costume.

Easy Spy vs Spy Costume
Easy Spy vs Spy Costume
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As Seen in Spy vs. Spy
Updated on May 27, 2017

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