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Spy vs. Spy Couples Costume

From the famed Mad Magazine was the comic featuring two bumbling spies: the white spy and the black spy in the monthly strip titled “Spy vs. Spy.” It’s actually a nifty idea for a couple who don’t want to expend too much energy (as essentially you would be making the same exact costume except one in black and the other in white). The Spy vs. Spy costumes you see pictured here are instantly recognizable, even if people don’t read Mad magazine nowadays. It’s nostalgic for the older generation who grew up with the Spy vs. Spy comics and their crazy plotting shenanigans. These two costumes look like they are simply up to no good. As you can see you really just need some high boots and a trench coat in the right colors. Get a trilby hat, which is basically a pointed fedora hat exaggerated for comic effect, and matching gloves, and your costume is set. The spy face mask can be made from home with construction paper since their pointed faces are shaped like cones, giving them a mosquito like appearance. Draw or cut in large black eyes and attach an elastic band strap to wear it on your face. If you pull the brim of the trilby hat low enough you can get the cool effect you see here. As another bonus these costumes are stark black and white so they are basically colorless, making the costumed couple stand out even more among the crowd. The black and white spies also hold a few devious weapons, one a dynamite stick and the other a bomb. Bring at your own risk!

Spy vs. Spy Couples Costume
Spy vs. Spy Couples Costume
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As Seen in Spy vs. Spy
Updated on May 24, 2017

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