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Star Wars Costume Ideas

Boba Fett Ladies’ Costume

Girl fans of Star Wars and especially the bounty hunter Boba Fett can get in on the action too with this beautifully designed Boba Fett costume for women. With a few minor feminine touches including the bare midriff and exposed chest, it makes for a... → Read More

As Seen in Star Wars

Sexy Admiral Ackbar Playboy Bunny Costume

Yes, you read the title right. We're a little confused ourselves. We remember Admiral Ackbar as the mightly general of the Rebel Alliance hailing from the ocean world of Mon Calamari, not as a sexy Playboy bunny lounging around in Hugh Hefner's mansion. Yet here... → Read More

As Seen in Star Wars

Punk Princess Leia Costume

We've seen lots of Princess Leia costumes in our time and this one caught our eye as something more unique and unusual yet still lets people easily guess who the character is. This is a fine example of a punk Princess Lei who makes use... → Read More

As Seen in Star Wars

Kids Han Solo and Chewbacca Dog Costumes

If you've got a kid who loves Star Wars and the handsome scoundrel Han Solo with a willing pet dog, you may be interested in this delicious duo pictured below. The kid's Han Solo costume is really quite easy to do without having to buy... → Read More

As Seen in Star Wars

Sexy Princess Leia Costume

In the Star Wars movie Leia goes through many wardrobes based on her role/title but perhaps the most iconic is when we first meet her in Episode IV as Princess Leia a Republic senator. She is dressed slenderly in all white with her hair done... → Read More

As Seen in Star Wars

Easy Chewbacca Costume

Chewbacca is a fan favorite in the Star Wars universe probably due to his undying loyalty to Han Solo for rescuing him from bondage and also due to his royal status. While normally Chewbacca is quite hairy and very cumbersome to wear, this costume of... → Read More

As Seen in Star Wars