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Boba Fett Ladies’ Costume

Girl fans of Star Wars and especially the bounty hunter Boba Fett can get in on the action too with this beautifully designed Boba Fett costume for women. With a few minor feminine touches including the bare midriff and exposed chest, it makes for a perfect girly version of the face-always-hidden bounty hunter from the Star Wars movies. The rest of the costume is pretty standard Boba Fett material including the jumpsuit, armor plating, and gloves. The only real change is the breastplate armor which has been strategically reduced in material for ladies to wear. Of course you will still need to carry around your Boba Fett helmet just so people can be sure who you are as they will certainly not have ever seen a version of the costume like this before!

Boba Fett Ladies' Costume
Boba Fett Ladies' Costume
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As Seen in Star Wars
Updated on Sep 23, 2017

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