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Darth Vader Costume

No one means as much business from the Star Wars universe as the Darth Vader costume. The menacing black helmet with mean curves, impenetrable black eyes, and skull-like respirator in front of the mouth, give the Darth Vader costume imposing stature, and that’s just talking about the Darth Vader’s mask! Getting down into the rest of the outfit, you will find a bunch of nifty design elements that work together to make Darth Vader’s unique appearance. He wears a superhero cape, has basically a biker’s leather undersuit, wears a gas mask, has a medieval style breastplate, and hit helmet shape looks like it belongs on a samurai. The Darth Vader costume was one of the first characters designed by George Lucas for Star Wars and is easily the most iconic character. His voiceover, James Earl Jones, basically cemented his status as the best villain’s voice. Show the other Star Wars nerds at your next costume party who rules the roost with this Darth Vader costume you can’t go wrong, and don’t forget the gloves or Princess Leia will be laughing her head off! Using the Force-choke on someone without gloves on just looks silly.

darth vader costume star wars
darth vader costume star wars
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As Seen in Star Wars
Updated on Apr 25, 2017

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