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Easy Chewbacca Costume

Chewbacca is a fan favorite in the Star Wars universe probably due to his undying loyalty to Han Solo for rescuing him from bondage and also due to his royal status. While normally Chewbacca is quite hairy and very cumbersome to wear, this costume of Chewbacca is actually just a brown bath robe! You can see it has actually been converted into a Chewbacca costume by its clever wearer. The robe is brown and fuzzy with a hood which fits perfectly as Chewie. In fact it would probably also work nicely as an Ewok or a Jawa. The famous side slung belt of Chewbacca is attached on completing the easily recognizable look. Best of all you didn’t even have to try very hard to be one of the Star Wars universe’s most endearing characters!

Easy Chewbacca Costume
Easy Chewbacca Costume
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As Seen in Star Wars
Updated on Sep 28, 2017

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