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General Grievous Costume

An amazing attempt at a General Grievous costume pays off big time as you can see here. This General Grievous costume from the star Wars movies has the matching menace of the saber wielding villain from the latter Star Wars movies episodes 2 and 3. He is probably the coolest villain from Star Wars because of his mysterious cyborg body. This General Grievous costume cleverly conceals the wearer behind the cloak where the outer layer seems to be made from a beige bed sheet. The inner layer looks to be a beautiful quilted red again like that of a blanket and if you look carefully you can see two holes for the legs to go through. After all, Grievous’ legs and arms are quite robotic and thus need to be thin and not meaty. This is where having a black full body basewear would be helpful. Of course the final touch would be to get a General Grievous helmet which you could attempt to make yourself if you think you can do better than a store-bought one. Finally you can get yourself some light up master replica lightsabers which actually have cool sound effects when you swing them. Optionally you can go for cheaper light up ones that you won’t worry about breaking.

General Grievous Costume
General Grievous Costume
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As Seen in Star Wars
Updated on Aug 23, 2017

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