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If you’re a big fan of Star Wars but are looking for a unique yet immediately recognizable costume, that’s still easy to put together, and still has an untouchable coolness factor, then look no further than the Imperial Royal Guard costume. These tough royal guardians of the Emperor were always in the background, yet that is precisely what adds to their mystique. Supposedly wielding basic Force power and hand-selected by the Emperor himself, these warriors in Royal Guard costume were entrusted with protecting the Emperor. The royal guard costume is actually quite simple and consists of really two parts, a red full-length gown or robe and a red mask. The mask is quite intimidating with a narrow single slit for eyes and no other holes for the mouth. Its angles are sharp and threatening and it’s royal red color pops out at any costume party. Intimidate the other nerds at the party with your great costume and great costume idea this year.

imperial royal guard costume star wars
imperial royal guard costume star wars
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As Seen in Star Wars
Updated on Apr 19, 2017

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