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Queen Amidala Makeup

An easy costume idea for Star Wars fans is simply to wear Queen Amidala’s unique facial makeup and loosely match her clothing. This is a much more comfortable alternative to the Queen’s very intricate wardrobes seen throughout the early Star Wars trilogy movies. When you give a lot of attention to getting the details of the face makeup done, you give yourself an excuse to slack on the rest of the wardrobe. That’s also largely thanks to the fact that Queen Amidala’s makeup is such a unique and easily identifiable style too. She only colors the bottom lip with a small hint of red instead of both top and bottom lips. She also has two red dots on the cheek. The rest of the face will need white face paint. But once this is done, you can throw on some more regular looking clothing that hints at the remaining colors that Amidala wore in the films and you’re all set.

Queen Amidala Makeup
Queen Amidala Makeup
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As Seen in Star Wars
Updated on Sep 5, 2017

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