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Queen Amidala Red Gown Costume

One of the most iconic gowns of Queen Amidala from the Star Wars films is her regal red gown. It is elaborate and very covered up as are most of her wardrobes. It borrows from old European styles in its intricacy. It features long sleeves that are draped to the sides of the dress. Amidala’s red dress itself is long and drags on the floor with black trimmings. The center neck wear is like a long two layer tie, wide enough to accommodate some elaborate floral patterns in gold. The headdress is almost like the helmet of ancient Roman soldiers with flared wings on the sides of the head. Queen Amidala’s style very much borrows from that of an ancient Mongolian queen with big hair pinned up top and a queenly crown.

Queen Amidala Red Gown Costume
Queen Amidala Red Gown Costume
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As Seen in Star Wars
Updated on Sep 8, 2017

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