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Sexy Princess Leia Costume

In the Star Wars movie Leia goes through many wardrobes based on her role/title but perhaps the most iconic is when we first meet her in Episode IV as Princess Leia a Republic senator. She is dressed slenderly in all white with her hair done up in dual buns and she wields a blaster rifle taking down a stormtrooper before her capture. This sexy Princess Leia costume sums all that up and adds a nice adult touch to the familiar costume and Halloween favorite. While girls these days have their pick of naughty costumes, we particularly like the style of the Princess Leia for its originality yet trueness to form. This costume starts with a white robe with a hood that Princess Leia uses when she makes her recording on R2D2. The body is simply a white single piece swimsuit with decorations fashioned on in the style of Leia’s belt. Tie your hair in buns and carry around a stormtrooper blaster rifle and your sexy Princess Leia costume is complete and set to stun.

Sexy Princess Leia Costume
Sexy Princess Leia Costume
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As Seen in Star Wars
Updated on Oct 7, 2017

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