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Star Wars Yoda Dog Costume

So you think dressing yourself and your children up is fun. Wait till you dress up your dog. You know he’ll just look adorable in a Star Wars Yoda dog costume! Sure, some people may say that’s cruel or sad to the pet, but hey, it’s really just for fun, for a few hours anyway. And you’re not hurting your dog physically or his ego at all. Heck, you might turn your dog into the life of the party, as he struts around in this Yoda dog costume. Yoda from Star Wars is small in size, so if your dog is small, he’d look like the perfect Yoda in the Yoda dog costume. And your dog will look like he’s standing on two legs, thanks to the costume. The Star Wars Yoda costume usually comes in a complete outfit with the all recognizable Yoda ears, Jedi jumpsuit, and plush arms. Oh, you know you can’t resist putting the Yoda dog costume on your pet!

Star Wars Yoda Dog Costume
Star Wars Yoda Dog Costume
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Updated on Apr 26, 2017

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