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Street Fighter Costume Ideas

Akuma Dan Couples Costume

The special characters Akuma and Dan are just about polar opposites of each other even though they are both secret characters in Street Fighter. That's why they are the perfect foil for each other and for this cute Street Fighter's couples costume. Both characters have... → Read More

As Seen in Street Fighter

Street Fighter Cammy Costume

Though Chun-Li was the first female fighter, Cammy White was the second one to appear in the Street Fighter universe and as a result has been quite popular with female fans. Cammy's costume is military inspired as she is supposed to be part of the... → Read More

As Seen in Street Fighter

Guile Costume

As a patriotic American who loves Street Fighter there is no better fit than Guile or Ken. Guile is much cooler with a military background and cool demeanor, unlike Ken's. This Guile costume is so easy to pull off you won't even really need to... → Read More

As Seen in Street Fighter

E. Honda Costume

An easy character to pull off with minimal wardrobe involved is E. Honda from the Capcom Street Fighter video game. If you've got the body shape of a sumo wrestler and enough balls to pull it off, you can see that E. Honda's costume is... → Read More

As Seen in Street Fighter

Sexy Chun-Li Costume

Though she is one of the fighters in Capcom's Street Fighter series, that doesn't mean Chun-Li can't show off her sexy side every once in a while. While everyone expect a cute looking Chun-Li, this costume has elevated that to the next level of sexiness.... → Read More

As Seen in Street Fighter

Toddler Chun-Li Costume

As a toddler costumer goer whose parents are huge Street Fighter fanatics, no character is more adorable and sweeter than Chun-Li. Dress your little girl in this cute Chun-Li costume for toddlers and she'll be sure to steal the scene from everyone as well as... → Read More

As Seen in Street Fighter