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Akuma Dan Couples Costume

The special characters Akuma and Dan are just about polar opposites of each other even though they are both secret characters in Street Fighter. That’s why they are the perfect foil for each other and for this cute Street Fighter’s couples costume. Both characters have a bit of mystique to them as their stories are slowly unveiled. That’s why this combo of Akuma and Dan makes such a perfect costume idea. Besides their dark and pink contrasting colors, their attitudes are also quite different. Akuma is fiery like a demon and has a black gi paired with fire red hair. Ken is largely considered comic relief so if you’re not too serious you can wear a pink gi with black gloves. It’s an easy couples costume for Street Fighter fans in terms of intricacy and going together helps both members become more recognizable.

Akuma Dan Couples Costume
Akuma Dan Couples Costume
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As Seen in Street Fighter
Updated on Sep 6, 2017

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