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E. Honda Costume

An easy character to pull off with minimal wardrobe involved is E. Honda from the Capcom Street Fighter video game. If you’ve got the body shape of a sumo wrestler and enough balls to pull it off, you can see that E. Honda’s costume is actually quite effortless to pull off. Though most people get a white and blue blanket and wrap it around their waist, this costumer-goer decided to wear blue and white striped Dickies shorts which was not only probably more comfortable for him, it was still within character and still gives you the sense that he is E. Honda. The sumo wrestler from Japan also wears red face paint like an Indian warrior to add a more menacing appearance. Tie your hair up into a small bun at the back of your head just like a regular sumo and wear sandals and you’re done.

E. Honda Costume
E. Honda Costume
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As Seen in Street Fighter
Updated on Aug 26, 2017

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