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Sexy Chun-Li Costume

Though she is one of the fighters in Capcom’s Street Fighter series, that doesn’t mean Chun-Li can’t show off her sexy side every once in a while. While everyone expect a cute looking Chun-Li, this costume has elevated that to the next level of sexiness. With an open top unlike what Chun-Li normally wears but completely within the character’s style, this sexy costume strategically hits the main points that give it a convincing look. This Chun-Li of course has her hair tied up in buns with gold ribbon streaming down. Chun-Li is also known for wearing spiked wrist bands to give her that tough girl look. You can see that the top is just a fancy corset wrapped in gold ribbon to give it a uniform effect. The skirt is also unique in that it covers most of the hind thighs but reveals most of the front. Throw in the white high boots and strike a lady-like pose to play off Chun-Li’s sexy side.

Sexy Chun-Li Costume
Sexy Chun-Li Costume
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As Seen in Street Fighter
Updated on Aug 23, 2017

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