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Toddler Chun-Li Costume

As a toddler costumer goer whose parents are huge Street Fighter fanatics, no character is more adorable and sweeter than Chun-Li. Dress your little girl in this cute Chun-Li costume for toddlers and she’ll be sure to steal the scene from everyone as well as earn major credibility points for knowing who Chun-Li actually is! Teach her some of Chun-Li’s sayings as well so she can keep in character. This Chun-Li toddler costume makes use of two white hair bun covers lined in yellow with white ribbons streaming down. Chun-Li wears spiked wristguards but since you’ve got a little girl to dress you can be like this costume goer and get felt-spikes instead. A blue coat with tails at the back and cloud-like lines should be sufficient to make it like Chun-Li. And finally don’t forget her nearly knee-high white boots.

Toddler Chun-Li Costume
Toddler Chun-Li Costume
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As Seen in Street Fighter
Updated on Aug 20, 2017

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