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Zangief Costume

If you’ve got the moxie to pull it off like this fellow here fully in character, then this Zangief costume is sure to attract a lot of attention. As far as Street Fighter characters go, Victor Zangiev is definitely one of the flashier ones… as well as the most fleshy. Apart from E. Honda Zangief definitely likes to show off some beefy skin. As Soviet Union wrestler “Red Cyclone” he sports red speedos and red boots and not much else, making this one of the easier Street Fighter costumes. Zangief’s body is covered with X-mark scars so follow this reference guide to use some dark makeup or a pen to draw in your own tattoos. You can also go with red wristbands as Zangief is sometimes seen wearing in Street Fighter. The rest of the costume is completely up to the costume wearer’s body and facial hair. This Zangief costume-goer sports a cropped mohawk of hair on top. His beard is bushy and done right, as well as the mighty bloom of chest hair tailored into a V-shape ever so neatly. And of course he’s got the beefy bulky body to pull it off. All we can say, if you really want to go as Zangief this year, is good luck sir!

Zangief Costume
Zangief Costume
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As Seen in Street Fighter
Updated on Aug 17, 2017

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