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Maleficent without Wings Costume
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Super Mario Bros Costume Ideas

Sexy Princess Peach Costume

Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros video games has so many looks we can't even keep track. She's got the traditional gown costume from the castles, lots of sportswear from various tennis, volleyball, and other sports games, and even outfits for when she is... → Read More

As Seen in Super Mario Bros

Piranha Plant Costume

One of the most annoying enemies in Super Mario Bros has to be the ubiquitous piranha plant. Seeming to always sprout out of a pipe when you least expect it, it is a serious nuisance to beating the level in the game. While it is... → Read More

As Seen in Super Mario Bros

Sexy Super Mario Costume

Hello Mario! With the right pieces, even a hairy, overweight plumber like Super Mario can clean up and look sweet and sexy. Video game fangirls can do the heroic plumber some justice with a tastefully done yet very sexy costume. Sexy Super Mario here wears... → Read More

As Seen in Super Mario Bros

Cute Super Mario Bros Costume

A cute Mario costume is always a welcome sight considering most Marios are guys with plumber's physiques--big bellies and hairy... not that all plumbers look like this but Mario sure does. If you love Mario as much as the guys do, why not make him... → Read More

As Seen in Super Mario Bros

Sexy Luigi Costume

Yep, sometimes it is that easy. Slap on a dinky bikini and call your sexy Halloween costume done! That's precisely what this girl did to her Luigi costume from Super Mario Bros. Since Luigi's color is green, she paired his traditional cap with a similarly... → Read More

As Seen in Super Mario Bros

Yoshi Costume with Mario

A beloved character from Super Mario Bros who doesn't get enough costume love in our opinion is the adorable Yoshi. Yoshi proved to be so popular that he even got to headline his own video game. That's how much gamers adore Yoshi and that's precisely... → Read More

As Seen in Super Mario Bros