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Cute Super Mario Bros Costume

A cute Mario costume is always a welcome sight considering most Marios are guys with plumber’s physiques–big bellies and hairy… not that all plumbers look like this but Mario sure does. If you love Mario as much as the guys do, why not make him a little more cute and feminine. The first thing this girls’ Mario costume does is do away with the atrocious overalls and replace it with a very cute blue skirt. It is the same color but a skirt always makes thing more girly. This pair seems reminiscent of a cheerleader’s skirt with the pleating if you want the same effect. The top is a simple red shirt with more of the same blue fabric materials going upwards so the top portion resembles overalls. Throw on the hat, cute black boots, and a mushroom necklace for maximum effect. Be sure to add the big yellow buttons and don’t forget Mario’s trademark red cap.

Cute Super Mario Bros Costume
Cute Super Mario Bros Costume
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As Seen in Super Mario Bros
Updated on Sep 16, 2017

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