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Piranha Plant Costume

One of the most annoying enemies in Super Mario Bros has to be the ubiquitous piranha plant. Seeming to always sprout out of a pipe when you least expect it, it is a serious nuisance to beating the level in the game. While it is a loathed enemy in Super Mario Bros, it is also an unexpectedly great costume idea for video game lovers. While the other costume goers will shoot straight for Mario or Luigi or even Princess Peach, you can go down the dark side as one of the cooler villains in the game. It’s actually a bit scary which is perfect for a Halloween costume if you don’t care for the tamer stuff. That’s because this piranha plant sports razor sharp teeth from its gaping jaws. It has a red with white polka dot pattern that we usually associate in nature with things poisonous (though for some reason we’re always grabbing similarly patterned mushrooms in the game, go figure). The head of the plant goes where your own head goes. It may be easier to start with a cap as a structural base for this piece. You can add some padding or cotton batting and work from there to cover the rest of the head. The body is actually very simple and plain. Get a completely green long sleeve top as a base. The piranha plant usually comes out of a green pipe so you can wear a green skirt with a (literal) spare tire wrapped around the waist. Possible a flotation device may also work but you can use your creativity here. Cover it in the same shade of green as the top and you’ll have an awesome homemade piranha plant costume in no time!

Piranha Plant Costume
Piranha Plant Costume
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As Seen in Super Mario Bros
Updated on Sep 22, 2017

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