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Sexy Mario and Luigi Costumes

Who said that the Italian plumbers Mario and Luigi couldn’t be sexy? OK, well guys who dress as the dynamic video game duo say that, but if you’re a girl you definitely don’t have that restriction. If anything, you get a license to sex up just about any known costume under the sun starting with this old school idea of going as Mario and Luigi with a partner. It’s an effective duo since the costumes are fairly similar so you’ll get even more attention (two is always better than one right)? These sexy Mario and Luigi costumes can easily be made from pieces you already own at home as they are relatively simple. The only thing you may have to buy would be the trademark “M” and “L” hats that the plumbers always wear. The costume first starts with a great top–a high neck tank top. There are also variants we’ve seen of girls wearing just regular tank tops but this is a nice twist that is still sexy but more unique in our opinion. Don’t overlook the fact that the backs of these tank tops show off a lot of skin (see Luigi on the right). The sexier Super Mario Bros costumes usually don short and tight blue shorts with matching color fabric for the overalls. Mario and Luigi sport knee high socks that are red and green respectively, another sexy look that goes well with short shorts. The hats are white and clearly homemade if you want to go that route. Other than that it’s an easy yet sexy couples costume to consider with a friend if you’re into video games and particularly the Super Mario Bros fanchise.

Sexy Mario and Luigi Costumes
Sexy Mario and Luigi Costumes
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As Seen in Super Mario Bros
Updated on Sep 8, 2017

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