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Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros video games has so many looks we can’t even keep track. She’s got the traditional gown costume from the castles, lots of sportswear from various tennis, volleyball, and other sports games, and even outfits for when she is a kart racer. We’re not 100% which version costume of Princess Peach this represents but we love the sexy futuristic look of it. It does away with the big gown and sleeks and slenderizes to a tight fitting white body suit with a cute pink handkerchief tied around the neck, long gloves, and a belt. We know this is a Princess Peach costume because of the golden hairstyle, the crown, and the big turquoise gemstone she wears on her chest that is common to all her costumes. This is a sexy, smart twist on a familiar Princess Peach costume with a nice modern touch.

Sexy Princess Peach Costume
Sexy Princess Peach Costume
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As Seen in Super Mario Bros
Updated on Oct 2, 2017

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