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Sexy Super Mario Costume

Hello Mario! With the right pieces, even a hairy, overweight plumber like Super Mario can clean up and look sweet and sexy. Video game fangirls can do the heroic plumber some justice with a tastefully done yet very sexy costume. Sexy Super Mario here wears a blue skirt with an apron-pleating top, sprouting overall suspenders in Mario’s trademark style. The under-layer is a cute lacy red shirt. That tiny bit of lacing goes a long way in adding to the femininity than say, a crew collar red T-shirt does. The fabric is thinner adds more to the sex appeal of this Mario costume. Wear knee-high white stockings as is seen in many sexy Halloween costumes. The higher your heels the more sexy the costume is, so keep that in mind. Note the same lacing appears at the skirt frills to pull the feminine look together. There is also a cute star decoration on the front in keeping with the Super Mario Bros theme. This sexy Mario costume uses slender white gloves rather than the oversize “Mickey Mouse” hands and of course sports the red cap with “M” logo on top.

Sexy Super Mario Costume
Sexy Super Mario Costume
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As Seen in Super Mario Bros
Updated on Sep 19, 2017

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