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If you thoroughly enjoyed Waluigi’s character in the game, then you’ll definitely like wearing this Super Mario Bros Waluigi costume. This costume is also very easy to put together on your own. Wear a royal purple long sleeved shirt along with a royal purple hat with the upside down yellow “L” on the front. As for the moustache, you can either cut it out of paper or felt and attach it to your face in the right place. Wear some dark colored overalls and some brown shoes and you’re all done with your Waluigi costume! You can even add an accessory to your costume – like the rose in this picture.

Super Mario Bros Waluigi Costume
Super Mario Bros Waluigi Costume
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As Seen in Super Mario Bros
Updated on Oct 7, 2017

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  • Myn M.

    Hey! I have no idea what this site is or who you are, but I Google image searched “Waluigi costume”, and this was on the top row of images. Also, that’s my brother. :D It’s awesome that his costume is being used as a good example of a Waluigi costume. :D

  • admin

    Myn, your brother made quite possibly the best Waluigi costume we’ve ever seen! And tell him thanks for sharing it publicly on Flickr.

  • Myn M.

    Wow. It’s taken me a year to see your reply. LOL! I will certainly tell him now though! :D

  • Myn M.

    Oh, though I suppose I should mention that he actually wasn’t the one who posted it. He was stopped many times by many people to take his picture, so I actually have no idea who posted it to Flickr! My brother was certainly happy to let people post it though. =)

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