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Yoshi Costume with Mario

A beloved character from Super Mario Bros who doesn’t get enough costume love in our opinion is the adorable Yoshi. Yoshi proved to be so popular that he even got to headline his own video game. That’s how much gamers adore Yoshi and that’s precisely the type of reaction you can expect with a Yoshi costume. This one is a little more accessible since the top half is actually Mario riding on the Yoshi. That makes the costume even more unique as you are actually two characters at the same time! Pulling double duty in dress always helps in the costume contest department in our books. The costume might be made starting with a standard Mario costume. If you can find a Yoshi plush doll big enough, you may be able to fit it around your waist and buy green color fabric to cover the leg area. Sew on some fake Mario legs and boots to give the appearance that he is riding on the Yoshi costume. Your real legs will be Yoshi’s who also happens to wear boots thankfully. The end result is an inspiring Yoshi costume with Mario that will not get you confused for a random lizard or dinosaur for sure.

Yoshi Costume with Mario
Yoshi Costume with Mario
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As Seen in Super Mario Bros
Updated on Sep 11, 2017

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