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Woman of Steel Costume

Inspired by the new 2013 Man of Steel movie, this new state of the art Superman costume for women is inspired by the same one worn by actor Henry Cavill, except it’s sexy as hell with a cute short skirt and paired with black tights. The “Woman of Steel” costume as we shall call it features the same texturing you find on Superman’s costume in the Man of Steel movie, complete with the darkened color scheme (think dark blue and dark red) and heroic cape. The only liberty here is instead of big boy tighty whities worn on the outside, instead a sexy red skirt is used in its place. If you want yourself a sexy Superman costume made for women you’d be hard pressed find a better example than this Woman of Steel costume

Woman of Steel Costume
Woman of Steel Costume
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As Seen in Superman
Updated on Aug 2, 2017

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