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Madam Mim Costume from Sword in the Stone

There weren’t any clear villains in the Sword in the Stone but the classic standoff between Madam Mim and Merlin the Magician is probably the highlight good vs. bad fight scene towards the end of the movie. While Merlin’s magic was for good, Madam Mim had no problems using her magic to suit her as she pleased. Madam Mim’s costume isn’t as recognizable as Merlin’s or Arthur’s costume, so it would probably make a good trio set with Arthur and Merlin costumed companions. Madam Mim’s hair is a bold pink and cut short, and she wears a simple purple shirt over a red dress with long sleeves. Goes great as a mommy as Madam Mim costume, daddy as Merlin costume, and son in Arthur costume.

madam mim costume sword in the stone
madam mim costume sword in the stone
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Updated on Apr 20, 2017

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